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Recapture the way you used to feel!

Are you a weekend warrior or just trying to keep up with your kids? Is jogging, tennis, skiing, surfing, lifting or biking getting more and more difficult?

For a limited time, we’re offering a comprehensive medical exam that includes lab work for just $35! (Regularly $150). Request a Consultation to find out if you qualify…

Here at Renew Health and Wellness we provide a cost effective, easier and private solution that does NOT require a weekly office visit.

Depleted hormones are likely responsible for a lot of your symptoms.

We can help you regain energy, lose weight, maintain muscle, keep a clearer mind or recapture romantic feelings.

  • A treatment program done from the privacy of your home or office.
  • Never a one size fits all solutions – we look at your exam, symptoms, history and tests to develop a program specifically for you.
  • Your hormone balancing solution may include testosterone therapy, anastrazole, estrogen blockers, HCG, supplements, nutrition plans and sleep/ exercise recommendations.

Let us get you back to feeling the way you did when you felt your best!

How Our Treatment for Low Testosterone Works:

 1 – Health Assessment

During your initial visit, our medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive health assessment, including a simple blood test. This test is part of a full lab panel, including your PSA, Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone.

All of your lab results, the responses to our health questionnaire and your medical history will be discussed with our medical provider at your next office visit.

2 – Personalized Plan

Based on your health assessment, lab results and medical history, your provider will create your personalized testosterone replacement therapy treatment plan.

3 – Optimization and Prevention

Once your testosterone replacement therapy regimen is underway to address symptoms of low testosterone (or other underlying health conditions), your provider will optimize treatments to maximize your health and wellness.

Recapture the way you used to feel!

While we will do our best to accommodate your requested day and time, please note, your appointment is not fully booked until you get a confirmation from us!

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