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IV’s replace lost fluids and electrolytes quickly and efficiently offering a fast way to re-hydrate and enjoy the effects of the nutrients included in our formulas.

Vitality Support Drip

IV Therapy with the Vitality Support can help give you a fighting chance against virus, colds, flu, and can even help with fatigue and stress. This drip gives you a dose of important nutrients that is around 30 times more potent than oral products by using our blend of hypertonic IV fluid along with B and D vitamins. Oral supplements are less effective because not only do they break down in the digestive tract, but it’s also not possible to take the high dose that we administer through IV Therapy.

Single Bag: $199   |   3 Bag Series: $499

Immune Support Drip

With Immune Support IV Therapy, you receive one liter of a balanced electrolyte fluid with a mega-dose of our proprietary blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. Our immune system is strongly influenced by what we take into our bodies. Vitamin C is important as it helps certain cells perform their infection and disease-fighting abilities better. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of an illness as well. Zinc is an essential key element needed by our bodies and it helps keep the immune system strong. Antioxidants add to our infection and disease-fighting ability by further stimulating cellular processes.

Single Bag: $249   |   3 Bag Series: $675

High Dose Vitamin C Drip

Very high vitamin C levels create free radicals that destroy viruses and bacteria. Our body’s cells have defenses against these free radicals, but viruses do not. IV vitamin C renews the body’s antioxidant protection while serious infections can use up our body’s vitamin C and other antioxidants very quickly. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is currently making headlines in the fight against COVID-19. Reports say that intravenous vitamin C may help people suffering from this disease and recently IV vitamin C clinical trials began in China and Italy. Doctors in hard-hit areas of the United States are now reporting using it. Furthermore, IV vitamin C appears in some COVID-19 critical care guidelines, like at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Single Bag: $299   |   3 Bag Series: $825

Optional Additives:

  • B12 IM Injection: $25
  • Zofran IV Push (used for nausea): $35
  • Toradol IV Push (prescription only medication used for pain): $45


How Does IV Therapy Work?

We will insert a small tube into your vein. The tube is attached to a bag containing normal saline, as well as any other additives included in your package. Your formula will be pushed directly to your bloodstream for total bioavailability.

Receiving supplements through IV therapy means that your body receives 100% of the supplement and because the supplement is administered directly into the bloodstream, your cells begin to receive the benefits almost immediately. IVs replace lost fluids and electrolytes quickly and efficiently offering a fast way to re-hydrate and enjoy the effects of the nutrients included in our formulas.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Receiving an IV can be slightly different for each individual. However, it usually takes between 25 and 45 minutes for someone to finish their treatment. All in all, you should plan on taking about hour out of your day for IV hydration therapy. Fortunately, it’s a pretty stress-free procedure. You’ll remain seated andrelatively still, where you can carry on a conversation, watch TV, scroll through your phone, etc.

Why Does IV Therapy Cost So Much?

We’re aware that paying a few hundred dollars can initially seem steep. Not only is our equipment and ingredients medical grade, but our IV treatments are not your traditional solutions found in “big box” centers such as Hydrate Medical. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies here as these centers are merely mixing cheap IV solution with an insignificant amount of additive giving you a watered-down and weak infusion.

All of our drips are high dose andprescription strength and mixed directly prior to your infusion. After you experience the benefits, we’re confident you will see AND FEEL the value in this treatment.

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