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Heal Soft Tissue Without The Side Effects

We offer non-surgical, non-steroidal alternatives to treat soft tissue damage!

The doctors at Renew Health and Wellness utilize amniotic membrane-based products and umbilical cord tissue which work by naturally blocking receptors that allow the formation of scar tissue.

Cytokines found within the membrane block inflammatory responses in the body, reducing pain and discomfort in the injured areas.

The products we use contain concentrated amounts of growth factors that will stimulate the repair of soft tissues, and because they are missing the receptor that triggers an immune response, the body will not reject the graft.

All products use a superior sterilization process that purifies the amniotic membrane and removes chorion along with excess cellular debris. This process produces the highest possible concentration of beneficial agents found in the amniotic membrane such as but not limited to:

  • Cytokines (naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents)
  • Growth factors (proteins that stimulate the growth of specific tissues)
  • Hyaluronic acid (promotes new cartilage growth)

The addition of regenerative cell therapy to your treatment plan maximizes
your potential for the very best outcome!

Regenerative Cell Therapy Treats:

All of our treatment plans are customized to YOUR specific needs. Request your free consultation today to get started on the road to feeling your best!

We offer non-surgical, non-steroidal alternatives to treat soft tissue damage!

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