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Wound Care

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At Renew we are aware wound care is a challenging and ever-changing field of medicine and we have a proven non traditional solution. Chronic wounds are considered any non healing wound over four weeks.

A newly released economic evaluation of the impact, cost, and Medicare policy implications of nonhealing wounds determined that almost 15% of Medicare beneficiaries (8.2 million) were treated for a type of wound surgical, arterial, venous, traumatic, pressure, or diabetic foot ulcer or wound-related infection in the 2014 calendar year and only continues to rise on a yearly basis. Non healing wounds have a high propensity to become chronic resulting in amputations.

Because of this we use wound allografts, a patch, that contain essential growth factors delivered on a structural collagen matrix that allows wounds to heal from the INSIDE OUT Our allografts offer wound closure rates with a 50% greater recovery time than traditional treatments.

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